Bucket of Flowers Series



Spring Lilacs       Watercolor      20x31"

Overlook Series     Watercolor Collage  ​ 

Kayaking      Acrylic   22x50"

Tumbling Waters Series


A Series of Wine

Who can stop at just one.....Watercolor originals and Acrylics.   Varied Sizes

Going Upstream  Watercolor Collage​


Blue Mist    Watercolor    18x27"

Barn in the Cove  Watercolor Collage  22x30"

Roadway  -  Watercolor  19x23" 

Mountain Roads   Watercolor Collage

​A Walk in the Park    Watercolor 18" x 24"

Path through the birch

Sweet to Meet Gazebo  Acrylic  18x24"

Mountain Air  28x28"  Watercolor Handmade Paper

Gathering of Dahlias   Watercolor   26x32"

Bringing The Outside In      Acrylic  40x30"


Original Watercolors , 

Acrylics and Collaged Papers

​Golden Light Sunset   Acrylic  25x53"

Hiking Boots   Watercolor Collage   20x30"

The Energy of Water  Watercolor Collage


​Taking Some Time......Watercolor  20x31"

Spreading The Joy   Acrylic   40x30"

Betty's Barn Watercolor collage          15x22"

​Overlook Series

Watercolor Collage/w/Mica

Birch Tree Series  I  Watercolor Collage

Down the Back Roads  Acrylic  30x50"

Blue Yard Chairs  Watercolor  11x18"​

Dogwood Blooms  Watercolor  25x 32"

Sunset    Acrylic  20x52"

In Our Dreams     Acrylic/Collage  30"x40"

​Birch Tree Series In the Woods      Watercolor Collage  21x38"

Winter Haven  Series      Acrylic   11x14" 

Cranes in the Marsh   Acrylic/ Collaged   20x28"

Spring Apple Tree    Acrylic      34x48"

Conversations in the Trees  13"x18' 

​Watercolor Series

Mountain Vista   Watercolor Collage  14x16"