Hiking Boots   Watercolor Collage   20x30"

The Energy of Water  Watercolor Collage


Barn in the Cove  Watercolor Collage  22x30"

Gathering of Dahlias   Watercolor   26x32"

A Series of Wine

Who can stop at just one.....Watercolor originals and Acrylics.   Varied Sizes

Going Upstream  Watercolor Collage​


Kayaking      Acrylic   22x50"

Tumbling Waters Series


Spreading The Joy   Acrylic   40x30"

Bringing The Outside In      Acrylic  40x30"

Bucket of Flowers Series



Spring Lilacs       Watercolor      20x31"

Mountain Roads   Watercolor Collage

Mountain Vista   Watercolor Collage  14x16"

Sunset    Acrylic  20x52"

Birch Tree Series  I  Watercolor Collage

Overlook Series     Watercolor Collage  ​ 

Blue Mist    Watercolor    18x27"

Spring Apple Tree    Acrylic      34x48"

Betty's Barn Watercolor collage          15x22"

Conversations in the Trees  13"x18' 

​Watercolor Series


Original Watercolors , 

Acrylics and Collaged Papers

​Overlook Series

Watercolor Collage/w/Mica

Dogwood Blooms  Watercolor  25x 32"

​Birch Tree Series In the Woods      Watercolor Collage  21x38"

Sweet to Meet Gazebo  Acrylic  18x24"

​A Walk in the Park    Watercolor 18" x 24"

In Our Dreams     Acrylic/Collage  30"x40"

Winter Haven  Series      Acrylic   11x14" 

Cranes in the Marsh   Acrylic/ Collaged   20x28"

Path through the birch

Roadway  -  Watercolor  19x23" 

​Golden Light Sunset   Acrylic  25x53"

Mountain Air  28x28"  Watercolor Handmade Paper

Down the Back Roads  Acrylic  30x50"

Blue Yard Chairs  Watercolor  11x18"​

​Taking Some Time......Watercolor  20x31"