​​​​​​Watercolors by Susan

Susan is a self taught artist, enjoying the process of painting in mixed media of watercolor, handmade paper and acrylic.

A full time artist Susan has had a studio-gallery for over 20 years.  Enjoying the exploration of color and light, Susan now holds a full schedule of teaching and leads 3 hour exploring watercolor workshops ,  Susan participates in fund raiser,  loves art walk demonstrations and  sharing her style of accessing the creative juices that is within all of us.

Susan's paintings reflect the beauty and magic of the Smokey Mountains that surround her home.  Her paintings could be described as realism through an artists eye.  The nature of her work, collaging with paper or mica from the earth, or mixing media, pouring watercolor, all allows for free expression, play and experimentation.  "It's like dancing in the freedom of creativity" Susan says..

Susan receives additional inspiration from traveling with her husband, kayaking the bright and beautiful waters of Michigan and Florida, walking among the trees and pathways of nature.